CPS-200 - Cards Printing SystemCPS-200 - This automated production system uses the context of printing smart cards for learning, widely used for access control and identification. It includes RFID read/write technology.

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CPS-200 - Cards Printing System  


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This automated production system uses the context of printing smart cards for learning, it is composed of 3 stations. Smart cards are widely used for access control and identification.


With this equipment is possible to have fun learning how to operate, programme and maintain a complete automated production system. It includes RFID read/write technology to inspect and customise smart cards. Furthermore it includes an HMI (Human Machine Interface) for controlling the process.


The resulting product can be used by the user as an identification card.


CPS-200 is made up of three stations, each carrying out part of the process.


• CPS-201: Card dispenser


The first station is in charge of supplying the system with blank cards from a vertical feeder and it checks that the card is empty. >> (more)


• CPS-202: Card printer


The second station prints out the cards which arrive from the first station and returns them to the conveyor belt once printed. >> (more)


• CPS-203: Card classification/storage


The third and last station stores the printed cards in 4 different positions depending on predefined criteria. >> (more) 


Common element in all stations: Power supply, air treatment unit, anodised aluminium structure, control keypad, solenoid valve block, labels for cables, electric connection terminals, conveyor belt with DC motor,speed controllers, RFID SmartCard Reader/Writer unit, three-colour indication light, individual switches for the Ethernet network, SCADA software application*, control PLC* and user manual and practice manual.


*Options: PLC Omron, Allen Bradley or Siemens.



  With this system you could...


CPS-200 comes up with different practical activities targeting skills in the technologies featuring in the table. >> (See the table)




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CPS-200 has a series of optional extras. >> (See options)