MAP-200 - Handling systems

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 MAP-207 - Handling device for parts classification

MAP-207 performs an automated process of classification and rejection of components made of various materials and sizes (up to 6 different types of pieces). It classifies the largest into different containers and rejects the smallest.


It is compact and easy to transport. In addition, it is designed with components that are widely used in industry. Its design is flexible which allows control from a PC with autoSIM-200 or an external PLC.



MAP-207 - Handling device for parts classification




MAP-207 Parts classifier



Modules Sensors (type & qty.) Input / Output

Feeding and detecting the parts
Rejection manipulator
Displacement manipulator

Auto-switch, Reed type (x7)
Magnetic adjustment (x1)
Vacuum pressure switch (x1)
Inductive detector (x1)

Digital 13/10

Other devices (quantity) Actuators (type & quantity)

Air treatment unit (x1)
Speed controllers (x9)
Vacuum pad (x1) - Vacuum ejector (x1)
Power supply source (x1)
Three-colour indication light (x1)
Magnetic adjustment amplifier (x1)

Pneumatic linear (x4)
Pneumatic gripper (x1)

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