MAS-200 - Modular assembly system

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  MAS-200 - Options


MAS-200 has a series of optional extras.

Programming tools


The programming tools comprise the appropriate programming software, the industrial system communication programming software and cables for the chosen PLC.


*See programming tools.

 • SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

MAS-200 SCADA application

This is a standard-use software application in industry, making it easier to supervise and control processes from the computer screen.


SAI6008 MAS-200 SCADA application


• MAS-200 application for autoSIM-200

MAS-200 application for autoSIM-200

We have a 3D application where users can simulate, supervise and control MAS-200 from an autoSIM environment.


LICENSES ONE YEAR (electronic dispatch) PERMANENTS (electronic dispatch) PERMANENTS (physical dispatch)
3D simulator for MAS-200 handling systems, 1 license SAI1970-001 SAI1978-001 SAI2547
3D simulator for MAS-200 handling systems, 8 licenses SAI1970-008 SAI1978-008 SAI2548
3D simulator for MAS-200 handling systems, 16 licenses SAI1970-016 SAI1978-016 SAI2549


*autoSIM is required. See autoSIM-200.


 MAS-200 – Product Configurator


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