MAS-200 - Modular assembly system

MAS-200 - Modular assembly systemMAS-200 - Modular training system which emulates a real industrial assembly process. Five completely autonomous stations that can be assembled to form a complete manufacturing cell.

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MAS-200 - Modular assembly system  


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MAS-200 is a modular training system which emulates a real industrial assembly process, incorporating the technologies required by today’s automated industry. The complete system consists of five stations. The various parts of the final assembled product (base, bearing, shaft and lid) are fed into four of the stations. The fifth station is located between the others and is responsible for transferring and assembling the parts.


The modular features of the equipment allow a vast range of options since the stations are completely autonomous, but can be assembled to form a complete manufacturing cell. The design of the MAS-200 allows simple and quick extraction of the stations, assisting individual work with each of them. All the components of which the MAS-200 is comprised are used in industry, allowing the user to gain detailed knowledge of the technologies currently used in automated industry.


The MAS-200 system includes an optional SCADA tool which enables:


- Access to the status of the various field devices.


- Display, management and storage in the PC of information collected during the process.


- Control and modification of the process in real time.


- Display of the various phases of the process via a graphical interface.


- Recognition of alarms in the event of system failures.


- Generation of data logs and statistical data.



Each of the MAS-200 system stations carries out a part of the process. 


• MAS-201: Feeding of the base with detection and ejection of incorrect parts


This station feeds the base which supports the final assembled product. >> (more)



• MAS-202: Positioning of the lid


This station allows the insertion of a lid into the workpiece. >> (more)


• MAS-203: Insertion of the bearing


The third MAS-200 station feeds a bearing. >> (more)


• MAS-204: Insertion of the shaft


This station, MAS-204, feeds a shaft for the workpiece.. >> (more)



• MAS-205: Transfer of the parts


The fifth and last MAS-200 station is responsible for the assembly or disassembly of all the components. There are two versions of this station: one of them with a pneumatic index plate (MAS-205A) and the other with a six axis robot (MAS-205B).


>> (more - MAS-205A)


>> (more - MAS-205B)



Common element in all stations: Power supply, air treatment unit, anodised aluminium structure, control keypad, solenoid valve block, labels for cables, electric connection terminals, speed controllers, control PLC* and user manual and practice manual.


*Options: PLC Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley or without PLC.



  With this system you could...


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