eLEARNING-200 - The perfect theory companion


 eLEARNING-200 - Quick start guide


- USER quick start guide: 



The user role of the platform can access to the content of all the courses included in the pack of courses eLEARNING-200, attempt the tests in order to measure the knowledge acquired and access to the report of all the attempted tests.






- ADMINISTRATOR quick start guide



This role can access to the following information:




Order history about digital resources acquired.




Administration of the eLEARNING-200 licences. In case of having reusable licences, this role will be able to enroll and unenroll users. In case of having SINGLE USE licences, this role will be able only to enroll new users.




Information about the progress of each student: Completed courses, attempted tests and the score obtained in each test, student's certificate, date in which the student has completed the test, questions failed by the student, time spent on each question, etc.