PCT-200 - The programmable controller trainerPCT-200 - The programmable controller trainer


Electrical panel Industrial controller
Industrial Communication

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Distributed I/O HMI

PCT-200 - The programmable controller trainer  


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This system is designed to provide a solution for hands-on activities in the areas of automation technologies, including programmable controllers, digital I/O, analog I/O and human machine interface. This unit is provided in a hard-shell suitcase with integrated casters and handle. There is also a table top option. The unit includes 2 external connection blocks that allow any external I/O devices to be connected directly to the controller.




  • • Introduction to PLCs


  • • Controller Communications


  • • PLC Project Development


  • • Monitoring Input/Output Data


  • • PLC Addressing


  • • Relay Type, latching, timer, counter Instructions


  • • Math, Data Manipulation Instructions


  • • Program Control Instructions 


  • • Analog Devices


  • • Introduction Human Machine Interface


  • • HMI Communications


  • • HMI Project Development


  • • Screen Creation and Navigation 


    • Text, Button and Switch Objects


    • Numeric Displays and Entry





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