BEMATE-200 Your basic electricity mateBEMATE-200 Your basic electricity mate

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BEMATE-200 - Your basic electricity mate  


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The BEMATE-200 Your Basic Electricity Mate provides hardware for hands-on activities and the study of DC, AC and Solid State fundamentals. All devices are permanently mounted and can be quickly connected in a variety of configurations via banana Jack connectors.

Users will be introduced to the function and use of various devices and circuits. In addition, test equipment and fault insertion activities will allow for development of troubleshooting skills. 


The system is presented in hard shell suitcase with removable cover, pull handle and casters.


It includes six selectable fault switches.

Also included:

        • Digital Multi-meter

        • Two channel Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

        • Breadboard kit

        • Electromagnetism kit




  • • Electrical Quantities and Laws (Current,   Voltage, Resistance, Power, Ohms Law, Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current Law) 


  • • Basic Circuits (Power Sources, Conductors, Control Devices, Electrical Loads, Over-current Protection Devices)


  • • Test Equipment and Instruments (Ohmmeter, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Oscilloscope)


  • • Resistors (Fixed, Variable)


  • • Switches (SPST, SPDT, DPDT, Pushbuttons, Selector Switches)


  • • Series, Parallel and Combination Circuits


  • • Magnetism


  • • Inductors 


  • • Relays


  • • Transformers


  • • Capacitors


  • • Semiconductor (Fundamentals, Diodes,      Half-wave Rectifier, Full-wave Rectifier)

  • • Troubleshooting Circuits





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