IPT-200 - Instrumentation and process control trainerIPT-200 - Instrumentation and process control trainer


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IPT-200 - Instrumentation and process control trainer  


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The Instrumentation and Process Control Trainer allows students performing hands-on experiments in Pressure, Flow and Level applications. The systems unique design allows rapid conversion between Pressure, Flow and Level experiments by adjusting the position of valves. All devices are pre-wired to terminal strips allowing for quick circuit modification. Activities in loop wiring, transmitter setup and loop tuning of PID parameters provide a thorough understanding of Process Control. The system is delivered in a mobile frame version and allows to include several add-ons.




  • • Trainer Familiarization


  •                 >> System P&ID
  •                 >> System Connections
  •                 >> Operator Control Panel
  •                 >> Single Loop PID Controller
  •                 >> Trend Viewer


  • • Introduction to Process Control


  • • Open Loop Control


  • • Closed Loop Control


  • • Level Measurement and Level Control


  • • Pressure Measurement and Pressure Control


  • • Flow Measurement and Flow Control


  • • Temperature Measurement and Temperature Control (Option) 




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