Why train in Industry 4.0 technologies?

Industry 4.0 - the way we call the concept of companies evolving into Smart Factories, trying to satisfy customer’s needs with new technologies. The necessary evolution to be adapted to the change that digitalization is bringing to our lives.

Why train in Industry 4.0 technologies?


Education is key to being prepared in this new reality. It is important to understand its transformational potential because is changing the way we produce and as a consequence the required training of the workers.


In relation to these demands, SMC International Training has been offering equipment adapted to training in these technologies for years. With SIF-400, HAS-200 or the new FAS-200  Special Edition – Industry 4.0 it can be worked different concepts and technologies such as RFID, NFC, artificial vision, MES & ERP, Web and Cloud services, IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things), OPC UA, collaborative robots, smart devices (IO-Link), among many others, in order to acquire the skills required by the Industry of the future.


The SIF-400 training system simulates a highly automated smart factory, including Industry 4.0 technologies, advanced manufacturing concepts and the reality of the connected enterprise.Watch all available videos for SIF-400.


The HAS-200 system reproduces a production process with a high level of automation which helps to develop the professional capacities required in diverse sectors (automotive, semiconductors, food, pharmaceutical, etc.).


The FAS-200 Special Edition – Industry 4.0 system offers professional training according to the industrial reality, simulating a real assembly process and including different technologies from Industry 4.0. Do not miss the FAS -200 SE – I4.0 video for watching the included technology.