We come back with new webinars


SMC International SMC International Training will be hosting new seminars for interesting topics in the fields of Industrial Automation, Mechatronics, and Industry 4.0.


The new webinar about the cybersecurity concept and how to explore the different informatics threats will be held on September 30th. With the kit for training in cybersecurity of the SIF-400 we will explore some of the existent threats on an interconnected smart installation.


During this session we will talk about different points such us:


          • Introduction to cybersecurity: main terms and legal aspects. The role of expert in cybersecurity in the companies.

          • Cybersecurity and the importance of it in the Industry 4.0

          • Fundamentals of the industrial: the challenges of the connected industry and the IIoT

          • SMC Kit for training cybersecurity in SIF-400.


It is possible to register to the session by clicking on the following links.  Please remember that there are LIMITED PLACES. That means, in case of overbooking, access to the webinar is based on strict chronological order of arrival.


          • ENGLISH - 30th September, 2020 - 10am - Madrid time (4pm in Singapore) - Information and registration

          • SPANISH - 30th September, 2020 - 4pm Madrid time (9am in Bogotá)- Information and registration

          • ENGLISH - 30th September, 2020 - 5pm Madrid time (11am in New York)- Information and registration


* Check your time zone in the information link


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