The 3D application and SCADA of FAS-200 Special Edition – Industry 4.0 are already available


The 3D application for autoSIM-200 of the FAS-200 Special Edition – Industry 4.0 and the software SCADA for the didactic equipment are both now available. With these new products, we broaden our catalogue for the professional training in line with reality of the Industry 4.0.


The 3D application of the physical equipment allows you to program, control, and supervise the simulation of the automated process in manual mode or MES mode, whereas SCADA allows you to control and supervise the industrial processes of the physical system locally or remotely. Remember that in order to operate with these simulations, it is necessary to have autoSIM-200 or autoSIM-200 ADVANCED.


We continue working on the creation of new simulations that allow to carry out practical exercises from a virtual environment. In order to be informed every time about the new developments of simulations, you can subscribe to our newsletter in which we will inform periodically about the new 3D simulations and the new products.


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