Learn more about the simulation software for automation technologies autoSIM-200

autoSIM-200 advanced options

The software for automation technologies autoSIM-200 not only allows to design circuits, but also allows users to test their circuits and programs on a virtual system before applying them to a physical system. It is a software with welcome characteristics for this new normal we are starting. Discover all the options offered by the autoSIM-200 simulation software.


In previous news we shared with you recorded sessions with which you were able to learn how to operate the software. Now it´s time to go a step further and learn advanced features with which you will be able to deal with a real environment.


Download autoSIM-200 and try it for free during 40 days and extent your knowledge.




            - autoSIM-200 – 2D and 3D applications

            - autoSIM-200 – Advanced programming- Connection with the outside world.


*Note: The 40-day demo cannot be installed if you have previously had another license installed that has already expired.