Get autoSIM-200 licence for free until the 1st of July!

AutoSIM-200 until the 1st of July

SMC International Training is aware of the current situation and wants to grant FREE access to Industrial Automation digital learning resources to all educators and students.


This time, we want to offer, without any cost, an autoSIM-200 licence valid until the 1st of July of this year 2020. With this software, it is possible to carry out dynamic simulations using pneumatic, electropneumatic, hydraulic, electrohydraulic, electrical and electronic circuits. It is also possible to carry out virtual systems controlled by the virtual PLC that it is included. Click here for more information.


In order to access the licence, please, follow the link below and get all the instructions to download and install the software as well as the installation code of the licence.



It is our intention to continue incorporating new resources to this initiative weekly, as well as to arrange seminaries with interesting topics in the field of Industrial Automation, Mechatronics and Industry 4.0. All these initiatives will be published on our website.