Artificial vision technology in Industry and in our training equipment

Artificial vision is a technology that includes methods to acquire, process, analyse and understand real-world images in order to produce numerical or symbolic information so that they can be treated by a computer. This way, a system can make decisions automatically based on the information acquired by the artificial vision systems.


This technology has become an industrial key tool in the field of automation. Traceability, quality control, production support, industrial safety, process control, logistics ... are some of the actions in which artificial vision systems operate.


Within our wide range of products, you can be skilled in artificial vision technology with several training systems:


In addition, thanks to the flexibility offered by SMC International Training in order to meet the needs of our customers, there are other systems and projects where you can find artificial vision technology :

  • - MAS-200 - Modular assembly system – with artificial vision technology. -> More information.
  • - Special FMS-200 system with Industry 4.0 technologies – with 2D and 3D artificial vision systems. -> More information.


Artificial vision