Learn about the traceability systems in SIF-400

SMC International Training is aware that traceability systems are a highly relevant technology in our factories and production systems. With this in mind, SMC International Training want to show you the most common traceability systems in the market, and how they integrate into the new ‘Industry 4.0’ training system, SIF-400:


-RFID: “Radio Frequency IDentification” is a remote data storage system in the form of labels, cards or other physical formats. This data can be written and/or recorded through on the formats by means of antenna. The main objective of the RFID tag in SIF-400 is the identification of each unit product throughout the process.


-NFC: “Near Field Communication” is a high frequency and low distance (maximum 20 cm) code. The NFC systems are able to send and receive information at the same time instantaneously without the need for pairing. The SIF-400 system uses NFC tags to link each pack of unit products to the system database and gather all the information of each order.


-QR: “Quick Response” code. It is a variant of the bar code in the form of a dot matrix or 2 dimensional bar code. It is scanned by a specific QR reader. SIF-400 incorporates a QR code application to access information on product content.


-BCR: “Bar Code Recognition” is a protocol for representing character strings using parallel lines with different thicknesses and spacings.This system is also present in SIF-400 enabling the identification and traceability of the finished product packs.


SIF-400 - El equipo didáctico para la Industria 4.0